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The 4th Laryngology Society of Australasia conference program will be released in September 2021.

The program will cover the scientific, medical, surgical and clinical aspects of laryngology including voice, swallowing and upper airway. It will include topics such as comples airway management, laryngeal physiology, phonosurgery, medical management of complex laryngeal conditions, in-office procedures, cough, regenerative medicine, vocal cord dysfunction and neurolaryngeal disorders.

Conference times below are in Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time starting daily at 12.00 noon.
New Zealand Daylight Savings Time conference starting time - 2.00pm.

Day 1  Day 2  Full Program

Friday 19th November, 2021

12:00pm - 12:10pm

Conference Opening

Opening and Welcome
Jacqueline Allen

Presidents Address
Theo Athanasiadis

12:10pm - 1:10pm

Plenary Session 1

Presentation Title TBC
A/Prof Sid M. Khosla

Presentation Title TBC
Dr Marshall Smith

1:10pm - 2:10am

State Roundups 1

New South Wales

Western Australia

Northern Territory


2:10pm - 3:00pm

Free Papers 1

Multidisciplinary management of laryngeal pathology identified in patients with COVID-19 following translaryngeal intubation and tracheostomy
Sarah Boggiano

Top of Scope: evaluation of a first contact speech pathology model of care within a tertiary ENT clinic
Danielle Stone

Evaluation of swallowingin critically ill tracheostomy patients using high-resolution pharyngeal manometry (HRPM)
Dr Sanith Cheriyan

KTP laser endoscopic cricopharyngeal myotomy and pharyngeal pouch diverticulotomy
Dr Alice Coombes

Terminology and frameworks used for the classification of voice disorders: a scoping review
Christopher Payten

Angiolytic effects of 445nm (Blue) laser on chick chorioallantoic membrane with implications to microlaryngeal surgery
Dr Duy-Duong Nguyen

Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of supraglottic botulinum toxin injection in patients with laryngeal sensory dysfunction
Dr Thomas Stewart

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Plenary Session 2

Macrophages in vocal fold fibrosis
Dr Yo Kishimoto

Protein-energy malnutrition in older adults: screening and determinants
Prof Carol Wham

4:15pm - 5:00pm

Laryngology Society of Australasia Annual General Meeting

Saturday 20th November, 2021

12:00pm - 1:05pm

Plenary Session 3

Opening and Welcome
Jacqueline Allen

Searching for biological secrets in the human larynx
Dr Nathan Welham

Capturing Dysphagia after Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion: Past, Present and Future
Dr Sonja Molfenter


Free Papers 2

Self-reported dysphagia and pharyngeal volume following whiplash injury
Danielle Stone

Similarities and differences across voice case history questionnaires - a scoping review
Dr Catherine Madill

Exploring the experiences and perspectives of users of spasmodic dysphonia services in an Australian city
Dr Jane Bickford

Pitch discrimination impairment and voice disorder types- preliminary study
Dr Duy-Duong Nguyen

Outcomes of a twelve-year pharyngolaryngectomy surgical experience. Should laryngopharyngectomy be performed in small-volume regional centres?
Dr Nayellin Reyes-Chicuellar

Classification framework for high-resolution pharyngeal manometry (HRPM) interpretation of pharyngeal swallowing
Mistyka Schar

2:00pm - 3:00pm

State Roundups 2


New Zealand
A systematic reivew of physical rehabilitation for improving swallow and cough function in Parkinsons Disease
Dr Anna Miles

Pooled pharyngeal secretions in adults are not normal and indicate need for comprehensive SLP evaluation
Dr Anna Miles


South Australia

3:00pm - 3:55pm

Free Papers 3

Whiplash-associated dysphagia and dysphonia - a scoping review
Danielle Stone

Laryngeal hypersensitivity and voice fatigue after whiplash - a mixed methods exploratory study
Dannielle Stone

Prevertebral cervical haematoma from traumatic swallow: a new differential of dysphagia
Dr Woo Sun You

A multidisciplinary approach to the formation of tracheoesophageal fistula for voice prosthesis insertion using flexible oesophagoscopy
Saikrishna Ananthapadmanabhan

The impact of functional transnasal laryngoscopy on the diagnosis of laryngeal hypersensitivity syndromes
Associate Profession Anne Vertigan

Laryngeal granuloma: botulinum toxin beats biopsy
Avital Fellner

Active ingredients of voice therapy for muscle tension voice disorders
Catherine Madill

3:55pm - 4:00pm

Conference Close

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